What is the show?
A Jaw Dropping 8 foot tall Dancing Robot performing to a fun premixed music soundtrack.
A first for Ireland with this exclusive giant robot performer with huge WOW factor for your clients.
Unique branding opportunity with an iPad fitted directly into chest area to get your message across.
Audience Interaction with Meet + Greet and opportunites to take lots of Selfies ( great fun!)
How does the show work?
When dessert and coffee has been served your guests will start to hear strange electronic sounds,
a selection of Sci-fi inspired bleeps and noises will gradually get louder and attract their attention.
The Reveal,
Robot-Ted suddenly appears at the doors of the room and slowly makes his way to the performance area.
He is accompanied by a crew member from NASA in a bright orange jumpsuit who guides him into place.
As he moves past the tables your guests will be in awe and slightly stuck for words at the sheer site of him.
The Performance,
When he reaches the front of the stage he will temporarily power down for a few moments before the sound track kicks in.
When the music starts he launches straight into his dancing choreography with all forms of Body Popping and Robotics.
The ultra modern dance styles covered are Hits, Ticking, The Wave, Dime Stops and also some serious Foot Work.
The premixed show music contains snippets of well known tracks like Daft Punk, Fly Me To The Moon,
Space Man and Walking on the Moon.
The cool music and the hynotic movement of the robot combine to deliver real WOW Factor.
Interaction Time,
When the music ends the real fun begins because its time now for the Robot to start to interact with your clients.
Everybody wants to get a selfie or have their picture taken with him so we slowly move around the room and meet all the guests.
The NASA crew member usually answers many questions from the audience at this stage! but mainly takes pictures with peoples
phones and safely leads the Robot around to everyone.
This is when Facebook and Social Media come into play big time because most people upload photos of their encounter with Robot-Ted.
The branding on his ipad will feature in the pictures also so its Win Win for all involved.
When Robot-Ted finally takes his exit he leaves a excited buzz in the room, people are genuinely amazed and have enjoyed meeting him.
How long is the show?
The performance & dancing part of show lasts for a total of 9 to 10 minutes
Audience Interaction and Meet + Greet / Selfies for a further 20 minutes.
Do I need to hire a sound system?
No, we have a powerful portable system for music and sound effects.
If you have a PA already in place we will use it.
If its a large venue we would require a system to be in place.
We can supply a full large sound system if needed at an extra cost.
What else can the Robot do?
Another cool idea is to use Robot-Ted as the ultimate Greeting Host.
Along with his NASA Crew Member he can welcome your guests to the venue.
Do you have other Robots?
Yes, we have a selection of the coolest Robot Characters all under the one roof.
Along with the giant Robot Ted we have the Transformer Bumble Bee, from Star Wars we have 2 Storm Troopers, and the ultimate Dj act.. Daft Punk Tribute.

Please contact www.robotnetworks.ie  + 353 1 201 3660