Yes indeed it's that time again, the time for parties and fun, the time to celebrate! Looking for an idea for your office party that will cause a stir? I bet you havent thought of hiring a 9 foot dall dancing robot to get things going! This is a unique idea, Christmas and Robots are not two words that usually go together, but now they do. Do you like the sound of two real Storm Troopers in santa hats greeting your guests on arrival? How about the Transformer Bumblebee dancing away to Rockin around the Christmas Tree? Another mad festive idea is to have Darth Vader lurking in the room with mistletoe, looking for victims!

Star Wars is massive, and still getting bigger every single week. New fans of all ages are coming onboard and the momentum does not seem like slowing down soon. Lord Vader and his Imperial Storm Troopers are massively popular and a welcome additition to any event. We even have the most popular robot in the world, R2D2. He is an exact repicla from the movie and is fully remote controlled by a robed Jedi Warrier. He is a real crowd pleaser and never fails to make people grin from ear to ear. You can not go wrong with a Star Wars inspired Christmas party.

Christmas Entertainment with Robots

Robot-Ted is the giant, he can dance and do robotics like no other robot in the world. He has an ipad built into his chest area for Christmas greetings, messages and for branding. When Ted enters the room all guests will be simply amazed at the very sight of him as he takes control and does his Christmas dance routine. His NASA controller operates a portable sound system with sound effects and Christmas party music, creating the perfect party atmosphere.

So if your looking for something totally different, something out of this world for your Christmas party then look no further. Give us a call and we will take you through how it all works, for instance, our robots can fly through outer space at high speed but they are no good with stairs! other that they are available to simply stunn your guests this Christmas.